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Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. We believe that looking good and feeling good doesn’t have to be expensive.

A Caring Doctor

We want you to feel safe and looked after whenever you come to us. We put a premium on healing your body, heart, and mind.

Natural Environment

Inspired by Eastern medicine, our interiors are warm and inviting, and encourages you to relax and drift off until the session is over.

Reviews from Our Patients

Treatment of Bell's Palsy through acupuncture
About a week after giving birth to my son, I developed Bell’s Palsy, and it was severe.  Unbeknownst to me, pregnancy Bell’s Palsy is rather common.  The first day it happened, Dr. Mia was there to guide me through the process and explained to me what had happened. She explained that, with any type of paralysis, it is best to get treated right away. The longer the wait, the lesser chance of a 100% recovery. I was treated every day for 18 days, with full recovery in the end.  I never thought acupuncture would be effective for something like this. At first, I was a bit resentful that right after delivery of my child, I had to deal with Bell’s Palsy. But I am extremely grateful that Dr. Mia was not only available to treat me right away, but guided me to a full and prompt recovery. Thank you so much, Dr. Mia!
Better immune system through tuning forks
I was feeling awful after a rough week of late-night business entertaining and bad hotel sleeping. Then I went in to see Dr. Mia for one of my regular facial acupuncture sessions. She took my pulse, looked at my tongue and immediately started an extensive acupuncture session meant to restore my deficiencies and bolster my immune system. When Dr. Mia performed a series of tuning fork work, I felt myself drift off. When my session was over, I couldn’t believe how good I felt. In less than an hour, I felt as if I had completely recovered from all the stress put on my body during my business trip and that feeling lasted for the remainder of the day! This experience proved to me that acupuncture really works and that, given the right treatment, the human body can nurse itself back into good health. I was already sold on the facial acupuncture but now I am going to Dr. Mia with all of my ailments. Thanks Dr. Mia for taking care of ALL of me!
Relief from back pain through acupuncture
As far as I am concerned, Dr. Mia has saved my life!  At 76 years of age, I have had my share of problems.  I went to see Dr. Mia several times for various conditions and always felt hugely relieved every time I left her practice.  She was always thorough in explaining what she would do, and ease my apprehension about needles.  This one time I came in for back pain. Immediately, Dr. Mia pointed out an unusual looking mole on my back. She asked me to get it checked out and said it is always better to be safe than sorry. I thought she was just being cautious and I did not bother getting it checked out. A couple of weeks later, I came in to see Dr. Mia again and she asked me if I had gotten a diagnose on the mole. This time she made me promise that I would go, took a picture of the mole and showed it to me. I decided to get it looked at and thank God I did so because it turned out to be stage 3 skin melanoma. Who knows what would have happened had I not gone to see Dr. Mia or had I not listened to her. I thank God for her!