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In the pursuit of beauty and longevity, you may encounter many treatments and procedures that promise compelling results by achieving beautiful wrinkle-free skin that looks young and fresh. There are many skin care regimens that include the utilization of harsh chemicals and toxic materials that often do more harm than good to your face.

Here at Longevity Eastern Medicine we promote the high-end quality approach of holistic healthcare and offer our patients completely natural skin care inspired by the ancient Chinese wisdom.

Please feel free to browse through our resource page and find out more information about Constitutional Facial Acupuncture, as well as our other services.


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Learn more about our other services, such as tuning forks, gua sha, e-stim, cupping, and microcurrent-CACI. Find out what treatment might help with whatever ails you at the moment.

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Read about Dr. Mia Hanh’s background, as well as her certifications. Find out how she started her practice, and how she combines Eastern medicine procedures with Western technology.

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